Volume 1

Shibazeki Suiren

Suiren Shibazeki (柴石 すいれん; Shibazeki Suiren) is the protagonist of Hibi Chouchou. She is a first year high school student at Shuusei High School. She is nicknamed "Takane-chan", which comes from "Takane no Hana", meaning "flower on a high peak", referring to something out of one's reach. She falls in love with Taichi Kawasumi and they eventually start dating.


When she was young, Suiren was bullied by the boys who liked her, which made her want to go to an all-girls middle school. However in middle school, even the girls kept on seeking her attention as well. Every time she smiled or spoke, they made a fuss over it, causing Suiren to stop smiling and talking. She then decided to go to a co-ed high school.


Suiren is considered to be a very pretty & cute girl, which constantly attracts the attention of all the boys and girls. She has long wavy light blond/pink hair, with a shorter curved layer to her shoulders and bangs parted on both sides. In color, it is assumed that she either has blue or green eyes. As described by her so-called rival Shinkawa Koharu, Suiren has nice pale skin and very long eyelashes. Whenever she goes out, she always wears a cap to hide her face.


Suiren is very quiet girl, and she rarely speaks or smiles. Although this can also be seen as being shy, this may not truly be the case, as shown when she displays her feelings for Kawasumi, albeit with very simple actions like nodding her head or shaking. Whenever she does speak or smile, the people around her are immediately surprised. Suiren can also be very innocent or naive, but she is very honest with her feelings, such as when she noticed that she was in love with Kawasumi and immediately accepted it. Despite this acceptance, she is unable to tell him what she wants from him or how she feels because she has trouble communicating her thoughts to others.