Chapter 2
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 is the 2nd chapter of Hibi Chouchou.

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The chapter starts out with Suiren and Aya walking into school. Aya points out the guy who stole Suiren's bag in front of them, who freezes up at the sight of Kawasumi running towards him. Aya makes a comment about how Kawasumi doesn't like to make eye contact as Ryosuke runs by, saying hello on his way. Yuri catches up with Suiren and Aya and mentions that Kawasumi went to her middle school.

Jokingly, Yuri mentions that the third years are being treated like "problem children", and waves hello to Ryosuke and Kawasumi. Ryosuke says good morning back, but Kawasumi gets shy and mumbles a "hello." Yuri remarks that he "hasn't changed since middle school". Aya notes that Suiren is acting a bit strange.

The scene cuts to lunch time. As Aya starts to suggest going on the roof, someone runs in and tells everyone that Kawasumi is being confessed to by an older girl. Suiren, Aya and Yuri all sneak up to the roof, only to witness Kawasumi ask if he can "go back now". The girl, Koharu, doesn't take it very well, and begs him not to "just dump [her] like that". She then asks if they can be friends first, and Kawasumi confesses that he doesn't know how to talk to girls. Naturally, she only falls for him even more.

Cut to Suiren, watching the two boys walk around in the courtyard. She starts thinking about how Kawasumi said he can't talk to girls when she sees him smile. Suiren thinks about how great it is to see him smile as Yuri walks up, asking what Suiren's thinking about. Suiren is, at this point, overcome with relief that he's not dating Koharu.

Kawasumi finds a love letter in his shoe locker after school, and slams the door shut. He's standing there, looking freaked out, when Koharu runs up and asks him to read it. She enthuses that "with late-maturing people, it's best to give letters or be determined!" A bit spooked, Kawasumi tries to get away, much to her dismay.

Koharu apologizes for her behavior and asks if he might slowly come to like her, and hooks onto his arm. In a confused, innocent jealousy, Suiren takes his other arm, much to the surprise of the entire roo,.

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