Atohira (丹卞回廾工尺丹) is an upperclassman and a fellow karate club member of Taichi Kawasumi during middle school.

Background Edit

Atohira is only one year older than Taichi, they met in elementary school. Tachi looks up to Atohira as he beats Taichi in karate. He is Ichi's friend.

Apearance Edit

Atohira has purple/red hair that is slightly messy hair which ends at his neck. He has purple/red hair and looks very relaxed.

He usually wears his school uniform, but is also seen wearing casual clothes when he is out of school.

Personality Edit

Atohira is a laid-back guy. He is quite known as the popular guy in his school as girls always confess to him (but he rejects all of them).

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